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RNR Fuel oil provides updated PRICES of all Grades of Bitumen and Light Diesel OIl (LDO) in India. Bitumen and LDO which are produced at various Refineries is widely used for making flexible Road . RNR Fuel OIl provide best grade bitumen and LDO. In Bitumen the main Grades being Emulsion, Waterproofing, VG 10,VG30 and VG40. In Fuel oil the main grade being LDO, tyre oil , MTO, C9, Idustrial Oil, furnance oil, transfarmer oil and bio diesel.
RNR Fuel oil not only provides Bitumen and LDO we deals in Waterproofing products.

RNR Fuel Oil provide best price in india. This help Importers and Exporters in their buying and selling decisions. Customers also need information on availability of Imported Bitumen both Bulk and Packed Bitumen at various ports . These data is also provided to Bitumen India's Registered Customers.

We are committed to provide Quality Products and Services to our customers adhering to the quality standards requirements and that meets customers. We are an ISO certified organization striving to maintain quality in all our services.

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